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Limited-Residency Degrees at Prescott College

Academic Programs That Conform to Your Life

Limited Residency Program
What is a colloquium? - Limited Residency Masters Program
Curriculum design - Limited Residency Masters Program

Experience a transformational education that fits your life and your values. Our Limited Residency Programs conform to your life, not the other way around. This means there’s no need to quit your job or uproot your family. You study where you live and your community becomes your classroom.

This program allows you to earn a degree from a distance, while providing on-campus opportunities that enrich the experience. You’ll not only take courses with our core faculty, but also with experts in the field who teach mentored study courses. It’s decidedly high-touch, not high tech.

You’ll have the opportunity to create a custom degree plan that aligns with your goals for the future and that fits your needs. Depending on your area of study, you may even have the option to design your own degree and some of your own classes. Prescott means learning without limits.

Are you ready to take your education into your own hands?