Orientation & Colloquium at Prescott College

Orientation? What does it involve?

All incoming Prescott College students are required to participate in New Student Orientation at the beginning of their first semester. Please see the Program Schedule for exact dates, times, and duration of events. During Orientation you will receive information and experience activities designed to guide you through your specific program. You will also have the opportunity to meet with faculty. Orientation is a time during which students and faculty from diverse cultures, different areas of study and expertise allows you to build friendships, exchange ideas and develop cohorts or informal networks to support you through the distance learning journey. Students typically come away from Orientation inspired, energized and ready for their next phase of independent scholarship.

Orientation & Colloquium Schedules

Resident Undergraduate Programs

New home, Community and Academic Career

Each fall, nearly two hundred new Prescott College students find themselves in “the classroom,” the breathtaking, sometimes raw, always diverse terrains and environments of the Southwest.
New Prescott students are introduced to the natural environment of the southwest, learn about themselves and each other and experience the educational philosophies of Prescott College during Orientation, the most revered of the College’s traditions, thus beginning the journey of developing the relationships with their new home, community and academic career.

Wilderness Orientation

For most students, orientation will mean, as it has for thousands before them, a three-week Desert, Mountain and Canyon Expedition (aka Wilderness Orientation). Students, as a small community of engaged learners, will be backpacking throughout ecologically diverse locations in Arizona.

Life -Centering and Health-Based Practices

Some other students will participate in Life -Centering and Health-Based Practices.  Students engaged in Life-Centering and Health-Based Practices explore the integration of nature, yoga, Qi gong, meditation, and reflection in actualizing human potential.

Community-Based Orientation

Students, who are unable to participate in field-based courses for extenuating circumstances, will participate in Community-Based Orientation. This course will engage students in an immersive experience while being based in town. Instructor approval is necessary to participate in this course.
Throughout these courses students will learn about community living, Prescott College educational philosophies, and the desert southwest.  Additionally, students participate in a solo experience and leadership training which will provide them with a strong introduction to the liberal arts educational experience.