Undergraduate Degrees at Prescott College

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We live in an interconnected world, which is why we provide an education that spans areas of study and brings together knowledge from various fields. At Prescott College, you’ll learn how to make connections and develop creative solutions to the issues our world faces.

Self-designed degrees make education personal, meaningful, and relevant

You won’t be limited by predetermined degrees. You’ll design your own competence rather than a traditional major. We refer to it as a competence because you won’t just check off a list of courses that fulfill a requirement to earn your degree, you’ll become competent in your chosen field. Examples of competencies that students have developed include: Marine Studies, Outdoor Experiential Education, Critical Psychology, and Natural History and Ecology.

We have six areas of study. You’ll combine courses from these six areas to design your degree, pulling from various subjects that inspire you and challenge your way of thinking.

Undergraduate Degrees

Are you looking for more flexible degree options? We offer online bachelors degrees through our limited-residency format. You come to campus for an orientation and then complete your coursework in your community. You’ll have the opportunity to design your degree within these four study areas. Click on a study area to find out more.

Online Undergraduate Degrees