Costs and How to Pay

There are many factors in choosing the right school for you. At  Prescott College, we believe your higher education is a worthwhile investment that will change the way you live in the world.  Whether applying as a first-year student in our Resident Undergraduate Program or continuing your education through our Limited Residency Master's or PhD Programs, all the information you will need can be found in the links below.

Raise.Me - Earn Scholarships in High School!


Prescott College has joined forces with to allow high school student to earn money for college doing the things you'll be doing anyway-getting good grades, taking part in extra-curricular activities, and even helping out around the house for your family.

Once you sign up at (it's free!) you can start earning micro-scholarships by volunteering, taking challenging classes, and in dozens of other ways.  You can not only look at the scholarships that Prescott College is offering, you can earn cash for school at other colleges and universities you might be considering.

You can visit Prescott College's site and get signed up here.