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In the Prescott College ASK Career Mentor Program, a mentor is someone to assist you as you make career-related decisions.


You may consider having a mentor for the following reasons: 

  • Receive relevant, firsthand information about a particular career field. 
  • Explore unknown career paths. 
  • Determine how a specific career may match your interests, lifestyle and future plans. 
  • Begin to develop a network of contacts in a particular career field.


The primary purpose of this program is to build relationships between Prescott College Alumni and students through the sharing of career insights and accomplishments.  The Prescott College ASK Career Network is not to be used for business solicitation purposes nor is it to be used as a network for job placement. Any user who misuses ASK will be banned from participating in the program.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to report back to ASK or attend training?


Yes.  Please complete the  Mentor Evaluation Form

If you are interested in attending a career seminar, please check the PC Alumni Events Webpage or visit the Student Services Department.

Q: How should I prepare for speaking with my ASK Career Mentor?


Your questions should be prepared before you contact your mentor and should reflect your career-related interests.

Examples of questions: 

  • What degrees or programs do you recommend to someone to advance in this field? 
  • Could you describe a typical workday? 
  • What skills are required in your position on a day-to day basis? 
  • What parts of your job do you find most challenging? 
  • Did you feel you needed any additional experience for any part of your job?

Q: What are the criteria for current PC students?


  • Current students must be enrolled at least half-time in a degree seeking program.
  • Alumni are welcome to utilize the mentee program.
  • Current students must have completed at least one term at Prescott College.
    Current students must be in "good standing" with the College. Students on academic or non-academic probation are not eligible to 
    participate in the PC ASK Career Mentor Program.

Q: What if the ASK Mentor does not reply?


Yes. Once you have been approved for the ASK Mentor Program, your information will be given to an ASK Career Mentor who will be asked to contact you.

Q: What is expected of a Mentee?


Please be respectful of ASK Career Mentors. Alumni contact information may not be used for purposes other than career research 
or networking or given to anyone not affiliated with Prescott College. 


It is also recommended that you send a thank you letter to your mentor.

Q: Why chose a Prescott College Mentor?


Prescott College ASK Mentors understand your competence area, the educational mission of Prescott College, experiential education, and your needs to find a career where you can apply your knowledge. Each ASK Mentor's profile includes employer information and career experiences. Feel free to ask career-related questions and share your ideas with your mentor. You might even want to share your PC life experiences.

Q: Will the Mentor know that I have selected them?


Yes. Once you have been approved for the ASK Mentor Program, your information will be given to an ASK Career Mentor who will be asked to contact you.

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