Limited-Residency Master of Arts Program

Tuiton and Fees


Limited-Residency Master of Arts Program
Tuition and Fees
2014 – 2015 Academic Year (two terms)
students should expect modest increases in tuition each year

Direct Costs
Tuition^                                                               $18,360
Orientation Fee                                                         $180
Sustainability Fee                                                      $100
Technology Fee                                                         $230
Total Direct Costs                                              $18,870

Indirect Costs*
Estimated Travel Expenses                                    $1,280
Estimated Meals/Lodging                                      $1,900
Books                                                                        $900
Total Indirect Costs                                             $4,080

Total Estimated Costs                                        $22,950

                        Amounts subject to change without notice.

^The  per credit rate is $765. This amount is based on a 12 semester credit hour load per term.

* Travel expenses are estimated for travel to and from required Colloquia and will vary depending on distance from campus and mode of travel.

Additional Costs

Equine-Assisted Learning Concentration

Equine-Assisted Learning Residential Intensives (4 times per academic year)
Includes use of facility, herd of horses
and room and board    $1,980
Total Intensive Costs $1,980

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