Disbursement & Refund

Financial Aid

  • The "disbursement date" is the earliest possible date funds may be applied to your student account.
  • All course contracts must be approved and accepted with Registrar prior to releasing any financial aid funds to the Business Office.
  • Aid is released no sooner than the first block for which a student is enrolled.
  • While the Business Office will wait on your financial aid funds to cover your charges, students and families should plan appropriately for other expenses.

  • When funds arrive, your eligibility will be re-verified and the payment will be posted to your account. (Third party funding [i.e. outside scholarship checks] will be paid according to sponsor instructions.) Once your charges are paid in full, the Business Office will generate a refund for any excess. Parents who are using a Federal Direct PLUS Loan have the option on the PLUS application to direct any excess loan proceeds to either the parent borrower or directly to the student. 
  • Refunds are processed through a third party servicer. You may choose between three methods: ACH, paper check or prepaid card by going to  Refunds . If you are expecting a refund and have not received if after the term has started, please contact us.