50th Anniversary

The Graduate Teaching Assistant Program (GTAP) for Social Justice & Human Rights

Learn while you teach

"When you take on the role of a teacher you strengthen your mastery of whatever content you’re teaching." Joel Barnes, Faculty


Graduate Teaching Assistantships provide Social Justice & Human Rights (SJHR) graduate students with experiential learning opportunities working with faculty members and students in undergraduate programs on the Prescott campus. For students considering careers as educators, testing the waters as a Graduate Teaching Assistant can prove to be an invaluable learning experience in which to gain some practical, on-the-job skills, develop leadership skills, and help to pay for their graduate education while serving as a resource for undergraduate faculty and students.

Graduate Teaching Assistants will be responsible for the following:

  • Serving as a teaching assistant, co-instructor, or lead instructor in 1-2 resident undergraduate courses or 1-2 limited-residency undergraduate Moodle courses.  GTA teaching placements must occur in two consecutive terms in the same delivery model.
  • Facilitating classroom, laboratory, field, or discussion sessions if applicable.
  • Reviewing and editing student papers and exams.
  • Holding regular office hours and meeting with students in study and review sessions, or conducting the same via online or phone discussions.
  • Assisting faculty members with instructional preparation, delivery, and assessment.
  • Other duties pertaining to the instructional mission of Prescott College.

Graduate Teaching Assistants will be prepared for their assignments as assistant teachers during in their first semester of coursework in SJHR. The Urban Field Orientation will introduce students to experiential and community-based learning, critical pedagogy, and movement-based research ethics and practice. During the fall semester, Graduate Teaching Assistants will continue their preparation through reading, research, practice and reflection within the SJHR curriculum.

Graduate Teaching Assistantship Opportunities for 2016-2017

A limited number of Graduate Teaching Assistantships, each valued at $6,000, have been made available for SJHR graduate students. These Graduate Teaching Assistantship assignments last for two consecutive terms on campus, and students are required to be enrolled full-time in their graduate program while they are part of the program.

Graduate Assistant Qualifications for Prospective Applicants

  • Demonstrated leadership as well as interpersonal and cross-cultural communications potential.
  • Commitment to experiential learning for social justice and environmental sustainability.
  • Evidence of experience, ethics, and high professional standards including, among others, respect for diverse perspectives and honest and responsible exchange of ideas, fair and equal treatment of all community members, respect for cultural and individual differences, and ability to avoid interactions that might jeopardize the fair assessment of student efforts or the work environment.
  • Full-time enrollment for two consecutive terms of the SJHR MA Program.
  • Satisfactory progress in the SJHR MA Program.
  • Completion of an undergraduate degree relevant to Environmental Studies, Adventure Education, Education, Counseling/Psychology, Cultural & Regional Studies, or Social Justice/Human Rights.
  • Demonstrated quality of academic, and/or professional, and/or volunteer work and practical/field experience as appropriate given teaching assignments.

Application Process

Fall 2016 applicants to the Graduate Teaching Assistantship Program must complete the standard application requirements for the SJHR Master’s Program AND submit a Graduate Assistantship Letter of Application to the Prescott College admissions office no later than February 15, 2016. The SJHR Graduate Assistant Letter of Application must be submitted via email directly to admissions@prescott.edu. The Letter of Application must include a concise description of the applicant's skills, knowledge, and experience that may be relevant to assignments for a graduate assistant teacher. 

Selection Process

Upon admission to the master’s program, the Graduate Teaching Assistant application will be sent to the SJHR Admissions Committee for review. If the applicant is deemed admissible, then he or she will be awarded acceptance into the Graduate Teaching Assistantship Program. Decisions will be available by April 1st.

What to Expect

During the Spring and Fall terms, 2016, an SJHR Graduate Teaching Assistant should generally expect to be working 20 hours per week during the semesters, as a graduate assistant teacher. During each term, students with assistant teaching assignments are invited to participate in teaching supervision seminars on a weekly basis for ingoing support and reflection regarding teaching duties.