General Criteria for all Prescott College Scholarships and Grants (Gift Aid):

  • Except as noted, all funds require at least half-time enrollment (6 credits) at Prescott College
  • Prescott College scholarships and grant aid are not transferable to other colleges or programs
  • Courses taken at other institutions may not be counted towards meeting the enrollment requirement for Prescott College gift aid
  • Scholarships and grants may be applied towards summer enrollment
  • Prescott College scholarships and grants are applied towards direct costs only and cannot be combined with other tuition-specific funds such as tuition remission, waivers for tuition, or agency and third party payments that are intended to cover direct costs only
  • Students will qualify for the same amount of renewable Prescott College gift aid each term, provided the student meets academic progress requirements. The amount is prorated based on enrollment level
    • Full Time 12 or more credits 100%
    • Three Quarter Time 9 – 11 credits 75%
    • Half Time 6-8 credits 50%
  • Scholarships are offered on the basis of academic merit, or other criteria, at the point of admission. These awards are available for up to the normal duration of the program


Endowed Scholarships

Prescott College has a number of endowments that are specifically for funding scholarships to enrolled students.  Look for an email announcement (and at this web page) in early March of each year to download the application.  The annual competition is open to all current and incoming students, with an April deadline for a possibility of an award for the following academic year.  Each one is specific to a different area of study with various amounts ranging from $ 500 to $ 3000.  

Applications are available in the Financial Aid Office or via the link below. The 2015-2016 Application Deadline is April 8, 2015 at 5:00 PM. 

Endowed Scholarship Criteria and Application

2015-2016 Endowed Scholarship Criteria & Application



Prescott College also offers a match to AmeriCorps service awards. This match is limited to $1,000 for each term of full time enrollment. To qualify, students possessing an award must be accepted to Prescott College and enroll in a degree seeking program at the College. Prior to each term of enrollment, the award recipient must request payment online through their My AmeriCorps Account.  The match may be prorated for lesser enrollments. AmeriCorps