Admissions Essays Non-Teacher Preparation

Limited-Residency Master of Arts Programs

Personal Statement

In three to five pages, integrate your thoughts around these two major themes into a comprehensive personal statement. Please address each of the specific parts identified within each theme.

Write about your educational goals.

  • The events in your life that lead you to want to earn a master's degree in the area you have indicated.
  • The role this area of study now plays in your life and what has been your experience, if any, in this discipline.
  • How you envision your life goals and professional aspirations changing as a result of this educational experience.

Write about your readiness to thrive in a graduate program which requires high levels of self-direction and motivation

  • Describe your experiences completing independent projects.
  • Discuss how your existing support network will help you handle the sense of isolation that can occur when completing projects independently.
  • Write about how your strengths and weaknesses will play a part as you begin this program.
  • Describe what kind of help you will need to address any weaknesses.

Academic Focus Essay

Applicants are free to frame their response within the context of a proposed thesis topic if they wish. In three to five pages, address your vision for your studies in your proposed area of academic focus. Each area below must be covered in your essay. Highlight each section with a heading title.

  • Discuss your research and study interests, the broad discipline under which your study will fall, the interdisciplinary aspects of your program, and the specific emphasis or concentration that you will take.
  • In addition to the required foundations course, name and describe three other courses you would like to design and carry out. Include thoughts about theorists or texts that might be central to your studies and research. These courses should reinforce your theoretical knowledge about the potential thesis topic and the practicum.
  • Briefly describe your initial thoughts about a practicum experience (internship, active project, clinical work, teaching, or field based research) you might complete as part of your program. The practicum will offer you the opportunity to explore the theories and demonstrate your learning in your field of study in a practical, real-world context.
  • Discuss your thoughts about a potential thesis topic and how you might begin to cover it.
  • Discuss how you will integrate issues of social and ecological awareness and justice into your studies and research.


If you have questions about your proposed area of academic focus and if it is supported by the Prescott College Limited-Residency Master of Arts Program, please contact the Limited-Residency Master of Arts Admissions Representative prior to completing this essay, (877) 350-2100.