Transfer Credits

Limited-Residency Master of Arts Programs

A 3-credit Research Methods course is a requirement of the Limited-Residency Master of Arts program. Applicants who completed a research methods course from another accredited graduate program may request to have that course count in transfer. When a previous Research Methods course is accepted by faculty, the student will be required to enroll in a one credit Advanced Methods or methodology course in order to prepare for their Thesis. Students will still need to complete a minimum of 40 credits in the Prescott College Limited-Residency Master of Arts Program in order to be eligible to graduate. 

The Counseling Psychology and Education (Teacher Preparation track) programs accept up to 15 credits in graduate transfer course work from regionally-accredited post-secondary institutions as long as College faculty members confirm that the courses and credits to be transferred meet College-established curricular standards and expectations. Regardless of transfer credits, students must complete a set minimum required credits for each degree program.