The Program Proposal

Limited-Residency Ph.D. in Education with a concentration in Sustainability Education

Granite Basin Lake Waterlilies,

In three to five pages, articulate your readiness to conceive and carry out independent doctoral work in Sustainability Education. A complete proposal will include the following sections and information.


A discussion of your understanding of Sustainability Education.

Phase One

Refer to the doctoral Foundation Course descriptions. Re-envision these course descriptions so they relate directly to your specific area of interest.

Phase Two

  • Create four to six courses that reflect your specific area of focus.
  • Include a title and a three-to-five-sentence description for each.
  • Add a proposed bibliography of three to five titles per course.

Phase Three

  • Propose a relevant Research Methodologies and Methods course.
  • Include a proposed bibliography.
  • Create ideas for one or more Practica where you would provide service to a community and learn from the experience.

Phase Four

Submit a preliminary idea for a Dissertation/Project.

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