Admissions Essays

Applicants to either the Limited-Residency Master of Science Program in Counseling or Post-Master's Certificate programs are required to submit two admissions essays. 

Admissions Essay #1

Write, in no more than 500 words an account what you anticipate would be, for you personally, the most challenging aspect of a career as a mental health counselor and indicate why you anticipate this would be so.

Admissions Essay #2

In an essay of 500 words or less write about your readiness to thrive in a graduate program in which you would work mostly independently and which requires high levels of self-direction and motivation. 

  • Describe your experiences completing independent projects 
  • Describe what you consider to be your resources and existing supports that will assist you in succeeding in self-directed study
  • Write about how your strengths will contribute to your success with independent, graduate level studies
  • Include any challenges that you may face during your self- directed graduate program at Prescott College
  • If relevant describe what kind of assistance you will need to address any areas of concern.