Letters of Recommendation

Limited-Residency Masters of Science in Counseling

The Prescott College Limited-Residency Master of Science Counseling Program developed guidelines to help applicants identify potential recommenders and to ensure the Admissions Committee has the right feedback to build a holistic picture of the applicant. Letters must contain the writer’s contact information and must explain the relationship to you. Letters may be emailed to admissions@prescott.edu directly by the recommender and from the recommender’s email address.

Recommender Guidelines

  • One letter should be from a person who has known the applicant well during the past six months.
  • The other letter should be from a person who has known the applicant well for over five years.
  • At least one letter, if possible, should be from a mental health practitioner who is not providing treatment to the applicant.

Both letters must address these applicant qualities:

  • Intellectual and academic readiness for graduate work
  • Capacity for self-reflection and readiness to receive critical feedback
  • Ability to thrive in a self-organized and self-directed context
  • Emotional maturity, quality of personal relationships, and understanding of professionalism
  • Interest in the special features of Prescott College's program