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Resources For Undocumented Students

Prescott College Supports All Students Regardless of Immigration Status

Prescott College welcomes all students regardless of their citizenship status. We respect the contributions undocumented immigrant students make to our community and are committed to education equity for all, as social justice is a key value of our university. At Prescott College, the application process and financial aid are open to all students, including both undocumented and DACA-status students. Undocumented students can receive merit-based and need-based aid as well as apply for endowment scholarships.

Contact Admissions at 928-350-2100


Financial Aid at 928-350-1111 with any questions.

Need-Based Aid:

To be considered for need-based aid, students can fill out a FAFSA on the Web Worksheet: https://stud entaid.ed.gov/sites/default/files/2014-15-fafsa-worksheet.pdf or they can fill out the paper FAFSA and give to the Financial Aid Office. This information is only reviewed by our school staff to consider students for institutional need-based aid.

  • Be sure to explore all our other Financial Aid information on the website.

  • See Freedom Education Fund Website below for more resources.

Work Study:

Policy on work study jobs coming soon.


Freedom Education Fund:

The Freedom Education Fund is an endowed scholarship at Prescott College specifically for students who are undocumented and demonstrate financial need. What began as a student senior project is now a collaboration between student organizers, the Social Justice and Human Rights Masters Program, Prescott College, and the local community. Along with having institutional support for the project, local Latino community members have been organizing around this issue. Visit the Freedom Education Fund website for more information: pc.freedom.education.fund.kintera.org

Help us make this scholarship a reality. We need everybody’s investment in creating material differences for the lives of students in our community. Ways to get involved include making a direct, tax-deductible gift and helping build a network of supporters.

Make a donation at freedom.education.fund.kintera.org

Like the Fund on Facebook at facebook.com/freedom.education.fund and check the page often for updates.

To get more directly involved in our work, contact Miriel Manning at miriel.manning@prescott.edu.