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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some commonly asked questions about Prescott College's Community Supported Agriculture. The hows, the where, when and why. Please feel free to contact us if cannot find what you like to know more about.


Q: How much produce can I expect in a week?


Two share sizes are available: full (6-12 items) and partial (4-8 items). Varieties include tomatoes, peppers and other summer vegetables, broccoli and other brassicas, spinach, kale and other cooking greens, beets, carrots and other root veggies, salad mix, herbs, and citrus.

Q: I am interested in the beef option. How does it work?


The beef option averages 16-18 lbs. of free-range meat from Orme Ranch, a conscientious rancher near Dewey, AZ. It comes all at once, precut, labeled and frozen, every fall and spring.

Q: I am ready to become a shareholder, what do I do now?


To sign up for the PCCSA, go to YC Grown then either follow the link at the bottom of the home page or click on the CSA tab at the upper right of the home page.  The CSA page describes the Co-op, as well as its members, their growing methods and other important information.  Pressing the green “Join the CSA” button will take you to the order site, the different types of shares, payment options, etc. 

Q: What are the dates for the share seasons?


The share seasons are from October 2-December 11, 2013 and then resumes February 19-May 7, 2014.

Q: What are the shares offered this year?


The shares offered this year the weekly price of each share are:

Full produce share (6-12 items): $25

Partial produce shares (4-8 items): $15

Cow dairy shares: full-$13; half- $7; quarter- $4

Cream, quarts: $10

Goat dairy shares: full $17; half $9.50; quarter $5

Beef share: $100 each (two deliveries, one in Spring and one in Fall)

Egg shares: weekly or bi-weekly, $5.50/dozen

Tortilla shares: weekly or bi-weekly, $6/dozen

Additional items may be ordered for delivery with your share. These include frozen chicken, honey, salsa, pesto, farmer's cheese and other items that may become available through the Co-op

Q: What happens to my food if I forget to pick it up on Wednesday?


If you are unable to pick up your food, call 928/350.1401 before Wednesday and your share will be bagged for later pick up. Shares are stored at the CSA until Friday afternoon when they are donated to a community service group. If you are unavailable during any week, you can have a friend collect it and enjoy the bounty. If you have forgotten your share, please call to check on availability.

Q: What if I can’t pay the entire amount up front?


There are three payment plan options to pay the $360 CSA cost:

Payment in full

Installments (payment of $90 for 4 months. First payment due upon sign up, rest of the payments due on the 1st of each month starting November 1, 2013)

EBT Payments Only (If you would like to set up payments using EBT, select this payment plan and "by phone" payment option in the Pay step at the end of the sign up process)


To sign up for and pay for the PCCSA, go to YC Grown

Q: What if I will be gone some weeks during the season?


You can decide what happens to your share. Many people have friends pick it up and enjoy the bounty while you are out of town, or you could donate it. We will see that it goes to a community service group that provides meals to those in need.

Q: When do I pick up my food, where and what are the hours?


The CSA store hours is every Wednesday from October 2- December 11, 2013 and resumes February 19- May 7, 2014, from 12-2pm. You can pick up your shares at the new seating area between Student Life and the Crossroads Cafe.


CSA Contact & Location

CSA Store & Pick-Up location:

Seating area between Student Life and the Crossroads Café

Pick-Up Hours:

Every Wednesday from October 2- December 11, 2013 from 12-2pm

Every Wednesday from February 9- May 7, 2014 from 12-2pm

For questions, call (928)-476-1217

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