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Randall Amster, J.D., Ph.D., teaches Peace Studies and is the Graduate Chair of Humanities at Prescott College, and also serves as the Executive Director of the Peace & Justice Studies Association. Among his recent books are the sole-authored works Anarchism Today (Praeger/ABC-CLIO, 2012) and  Lost in Space: The Criminalization, Globalization, and Urban Ecology of Homelessness (LFB Scholarly 2008), and the co-edited volumes Professional Lives, Personal Struggles: Ethics and Advocacy in Research on Homelessness (Lexington Books, 2012) and Building Cultures of Peace: Transdisciplinary Voices of Hope and Action (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009). Dr. Amster is a regular contributor to online publications including Truthout,Common Dreams, and the Huffington Post, and he is the founder and editor of the news and commentary website New Clear Vision. As a longtime activist on social justice and environmental issues, he continues to focus his work on promoting a more peaceful world at levels of engagement including self, society, and nature.



Background & Experience

Selected Publications (Return to top)


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Presentations (Return to top)


“From Resource Conflict to Sustainable Collaboration,” Distinguished Speaker Series: A Conversation on Nonviolence, Barry University (Miami, FL) (4/12) 

“Radical Empathy: Care of Self, Community, and Environment,” Local to Global Justice Teach-in, Arizona State University (Tempe, AZ) (2/12) 

“The Ecological Sphere of Peace,” National Peace Academy, Peacebuilding Peacemaking Conference, University of Colorado Boulder (Boulder, CO) (2/12) 

“Food Justice: Growing Peace and Building Communities,” Peace & Justice Studies Association Annual Conference, Christian Brothers University (Memphis, TN) (10/11) (workshop)

“Popular Uprisings in the U.S. and Middle East,” National Lawyers Guild – Southwest Regional, University of Arizona, College of Law (Tucson, AZ) (4/11)

“Environmental Peacemaking: Promises and Possibilities,” Wisconsin Institute for Peace & Conflict Studies, 25th Annual Student Conference: ‘Can the Globe Go Green? – Environmental Sustainability, Peace, and the Threats of War’, Mount Mary College (Milwaukee, WI) (4/11)

“Porous Borders: Education, Citizenship, and Youth,” Conflict, Collaboration, and Creative Governance Symposium, University of Colorado-Boulder (3/11)

“Banning Ethnic Studies? An Unjust Law Is No Law at All,” International Conference on Hate, Censorship, and Forbidden Curricula, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ) (12/10)

“Peace Ecology: An Emerging Paradigm in Theory and Practice,” Ahimsa and Sustainability Conference, Cal Poly Pomona (11/10)

“Governance Possibilities Around Porous Borders,” Reinventing Governance Conference, University of Colorado-Boulder (10/10)

“Peace Ecology as a Pathway to Security,” Peace & Justice Studies Association Annual Conference, Menno Simons College (Winnipeg, MB, Canada) (10/10)

“Secure Borders? Arizona, Immigration, and Nonviolence,” Peace & Justice Studies Association Annual Conference, Menno Simons College (Winnipeg, MB, Canada) (10/10)

“Peace and Water: Flowing Toward Sustainable Communities,” Water Symposium, Trinity University (San Antonio, TX) (2/10)

“Homelessness as Nonviolent Resistance,” Peace & Justice Studies Association Annual Conference, Marquette University (Milwaukee, WI) (10/09)

“Author Meets Critics: Toward a Credible Pacifism,” Peace & Justice Studies Association Annual Conference, Marquette University (Milwaukee, WI) (10/09)

“The Urban Ecology of Homelessness: From Criminalization to Contestation,” Peace & Justice Studies Association Annual Conference, Portland State University (Portland, OR) (9/08)

“Beyond Criminalization: Homeless Rights, Legal Wrongs, & Just Alternatives,” Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Conference (Santa Fe, NM) (4/05)

“Linking the Web: Research, Activism, & Social Change,” Society for the Study of Social Problems Annual Conference (San Francisco, CA) (8/04)

“Perspectives on Teaching Peace and Activism,” Justice Studies Association Annual Conference (Portland, ME) (5/02)

“Restoring (Dis)order: ‘Social Control’ in Anarchist Communities,” Justice Studies Association Annual Conference, Wheaton College (Wheaton, MA) (5/01)

“Indigenous Social Movements: Power and Deviance,” American Sociological Association Annual Conference (San Francisco, CA) (8/98)

Education (Return to top)


Ph.D., School of Justice Studies, 2002


J.D., 1991


B.S., Physics and Astronomy, 1988

Expertise (Return to top)

War and peace; ecology of peace; environmental peacemaking; nonviolence; homelessness; anarchism; social movements; borders and immigration; social justice; sustainable communities; water; food justice; climate justice; utopia and dystopia.

Coverage in News & Media (Return to top)


“New Clear Vision and Progressive Media,” The Pulse: WZON, 103.1FM (Bangor, ME) (2/10/12)

“Building an Inclusive Movement,” Saturday Morning Talkies: KPFA, 94.1FM (Berkeley, CA) (11/19/11)

“Occupy and Immigration,” The Morning Mix: KPFA, 94.1FM (11/17/11)

“War, Peace, and U.S. Interventions,” Antiwar Radio (4/5/11)

“Nuclear Power in Japan and the United States,” GreenStream: GP-TV (3/16/11)

“Gulf Oil Spill Theories,” RTTV (Washington, DC) (5/4/10)

“Arizona’s Immigration Law,” Hannah-Beth on the Air: KIST, 1490AM (Santa Barbara, CA) (5/2/10)

“Peace, Nonviolence, and the War in Iraq,” A Different View: KPHX, 1480AM (Phoenix, AZ) (1/19/08)

“Anarchy, Ecology, and Utopia,” The Point Is: KZFR, 90.1FM (Chico, CA) (3/31/07)

“The Criminalization of Dissent,” Sourcecode: Free Speech TV (2/28/06)

“Remembering William Rodgers,” Morning Report: WBAI Radio (New York) (12/27/05)

“Food Not Bombs in New Orleans,” Sourcecode: Free Speech TV (9/28/05)

“Eco-terrorism Hits Phoenix,” CBS Evening News (1/26/01)

“Tempe’s Sidewalks Sold,” KNXV/ABC Channel 15 (Phoenix, AZ) (1/12/00)


“Bookish: Randall Amster Talks Anarchy,” Philadelphia City Paper (7/6/12)

“Amster Riktar Focus på Vad vi Vill Uppnå,” Yelah: Anarkistisk Tidning (6/15/12)

“Above the Drone of War, Voices for Peace,” Common Dreams (3/25/12); CounterPunch (3/26/12)

“Rooting Anarchy in Nonviolence,” ServiceSpace Blog (3/21/12)

“Peace Studies Blossoming at Utah Universities,” Salt Lake Tribune (12/13/11)

“Pancho’s Message to the 100%,” Salon (11/18/11)

“Enfrenta Deportación en Oakland,” La Opinión (11/17/11)

“Occupy Oakland Protester Could Be Deported,” Oakland Tribune, San Jose Mercury News (11/15/11)

“Death of Osama bin Laden Makes Peace Groups Ask: ‘What Next?’” Truthout (5/5/11)

“Not Giving Peace (Institute) a Chance,” Inside Higher Ed (2/21/11)

“Für die nötige Infrastruktur selbst gesorgt,” Neues Deutschland (1/22/11)

“What Do Anarchists Want?” Slate (12/29/10)

“Divisions Over Peace Studies,” Inside Higher Ed (8/10/10)

“Arizona Judge Rules. What Next?” USA Today (7/30/10)

“The Invisible Tragedy of Homelessness,” Borderzine (4/12/10)

“On a Street Named Desire: Do-it-yourself Activists Help Neighbors,” New York Newsday (9/26/05)

“Threatened with Eviction, Big Easy Holdouts Now Hailed as Heroes,” London Daily Telegraph (9/16/05)

“Peace Activism a Tougher Sell on Campuses,” The Arizona Republic (4/21/02)

“Frayed Frontier: A Desert of Drywall,” San Diego Union-Tribune (11/4/01)

“Taking a Stand so Others May Sit,” The Arizona Republic (3/23/01)

“Anti-Sprawl Arsons Burn into Arizona’s Conscience,” LA Times (2/11/01)

“Anarchy How? Can an Anarchist with a Law Degree Break the Rules of Modern Activism and Still Save Tempe Butte?” Phoenix New Times (5/11/00)

“Federal Judge Halts Enforcement of Sidewalk Sitting Ban,” Freedom Forum (6/3/99)

“Protesters of Sidewalk Sitting Ban Stage Sit‑in, Honor MLK Jr.,” San Diego Source (1/19/99)


“Rooting Anarchy in Nonviolence,” http://cf2.org/music/forestcalls/2012_mar17_randall.mp3

“Radical Empathy,” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6hnnPyS9pg

“Occupy Phoenix and Homelessness” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbhXPyjVaV4

“Occupy: Building an Inclusive Movement” http://www.kpfa.org/archive/id/75284

“War, Peace, and U.S. Interventions,” http://antiwar.com/radio/2011/04/07/randall-amster/

“Nuclear Power in Japan and the U.S.”: http://www.livestream.com/greenpartyus/

“Peace Ecology as a Pathway to Security”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQu71ZuN40g

“Immigration and Nonviolence”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=et2nxDJ4Hxc

“Gulf Oil Spill a Conspiracy?”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWqlinla1j0


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