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David Lovejoy, B.A. , WEMT, AAA Certiffied Avalanche Instructor - Faculty

David  Lovejoy, B.A. , WEMT, AAA Certiffied Avalanche Instructor

Academic Statement (Return to top)

David brings more than 40 years of mountaineering experience to the Adventure Education Program. As a senior faculty member he was instrumental in building the program from its inception. He wrote the original Granite Mountain Climbers Guide, hailed as a leading influence in promoting low-impact rock climbing. His climbing and ski mountaineering exploits have taken him to many rock walls and alpine regions of the world. Physical geography and natural sciences are also personal strengths. His long-term love affair with snow and alpine environments has engaged him in several mountain research projects and in outreach efforts in avalanche safety, education, and mitigation.

"I find the greatest satisfaction in working with students in settings, where the often lost art of flexibility, adaptability, and cooperation are critical to safety, sanity, and success. Nature provide this, free of dogma, but full of consequences to test one's actions."



Background & Experience

Presentations (Return to top)

Presentaton to the Flagstaff Chapter of the American Meteorological Society titles "Science behind avalanches, their occurrance in Arizona, forecasting and mitigation"  Northern Arizona University, February 16, 2012

Presentaton as part of the Flagstaff Festival for Science titles "The Science behind Snow Slides" Lowell Observatiory, September 2013

Awards, Grants, & Honors (Return to top)

Michael Stratton Practioner's Award (Association of Experiential Education, 2009)

John Bernie Kingrey Award (American Avalanche Association, 2010)

The Order of the Javalina Award (Prescott College Alumni Association, 2010)

Special Service Award (Prescott College 2012)

Education (Return to top)

Prescott College – Earth Science, Adventure Education, and Graphic and Publications Design, BA 1973, Prescott, Arizona

Oregon State University – Graduate studies in Geography 2000, Corvallis, Oregon.

Montana State University – Visiting Faculty, Earth Science Program, 1995, Bozeman, Montana.

Expertise (Return to top)

  • Outdoor Education and Leadership
  • Alpine and Winter Ecology
  • Mountain Geography
  • Snow Dynamics
  • Snow Hydrology
  • Snow Avalanche Hazard Mitigation
  • Snow Avalanche Rescue
  • Glaciology
  • Weather and Climate
  • Adventure Photography


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