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Christopher C. Marshall, M.A. - Instructor

Christopher C. Marshall, M.A.

Academic Statement (Return to top)

Chris approaches teaching with the same enthusiasm that he has for exploring landscapes.  As a backcountry skier, mountaineer, climber, and river runner, he has extensively explored the geography of the west and Alaska through remote wilderness travel.  Chris believes strongly in the power of place.  Through an integrated approach, teaching natural history and geography in conjunction with the technical skills required for wilderness explorations, he strives to foster a profound sense of place with his students.  Chris has a passion for snow and his current master's work investigates the relationship between snow, humans, sense of place, and sense of self.


"I am often humbled by my teachers- when I look around and realize that these teachers are the soaring granite walls, cool blue glaciers, delicate alpine plant communities, and my students, I am reminded of the amazing oppotunities at Prescott College.  The educational process here allows for tremendous personal and intellectual growth while supporting individuals' passions.  Watching students become empowered in their own educational journey is inspiring."



Background & Experience

Selected Publications (Return to top)

Marshall, C.C. (2012). Desire versus fear. The Avalanche Review, 30, 4, 33.

Research (Return to top)

Marshall, C.C. (2011). Achieving sense of place and self through snow. Unpublished graduate thesis. Prescott College.

Awards, Grants, & Honors (Return to top)

Mountain Hardwear Scholarship recipiant: 2012 AMGA Ski Guide Course (S3:SGC:12)

Education (Return to top)

M.A., Environmental Studies: Place-Based Experiential Education, Prescott College, 2011.

B.A, Environmental Studies: Geography; Adventure Education: Wilderness Leadership, Prescott College, 2005.

Expertise (Return to top)

Courses Taught:  Alpine Mountaineering, Avalanche Forecasting, Backcountry Skiing and Avalanche Training, Introduction to Rock Climbing, Intermediate Rock Climbing, Maps and Wilderness Navigation, Ski Mountaineering, Wilderness Explorations and Landscape Studies (WELS), Wilderness Leadership

Coverage in News & Media (Return to top)

Scholarship Testimonial: AMGA Mountain Bulletin, Spring 2012


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