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Gary Stogsdill, MA - Faculty

Gary  Stogsdill, MA

Academic Statement (Return to top)

Gary is a faculty in the Limited-Residency Undergraduate Program (formerly ADP) who teaches and advises students in a variety of liberal arts disciplines.  He has been connected to Prescott College for a long time, first as an ADP student in the mid-1980's, then as an administrative instructor in the On-Campus Undergraduate Program (formerly RDP) from 1990 to 2003, and now with the Limited-Residency Undergraduate Program since 2004.  

Gary is probably best known for creating and teaching the humanistic math course Math Explorations, a unique holistic approach to mathematics that emphasizes conceptual learning and appreciation of the "big picture" of how mathematics creates beauty and meaning in our lives.  This course has also been known to tame the demons of math phobia that too often result from traditional instruction in mathematics. 

Gary also created and teaches Science Explorations, a general science course for liberal arts students that explores the beauty, power, and limitations of the natural sciences.  Finally, Gary created and teaches The Pursuit of Wisdom, a philosophy course that views wisdom as the primary goal of a successful life and that views a liberal arts education as essential in the pursuit of wisdom.  

As a lifelong learner, Gary has many academic interests including humanistic mathematics, natural sciences, philosophy, spirituality studies, consciousness studies, holistic health, healing arts, and interdisciplinary studies.



Background & Experience

Selected Publications (Return to top)

Stogsdill, Gary (2014). Being Reasonable: Using Brainteasers to Develop Reasoning Ability in Humanistic Math Courses. Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, 4(2).

 Stogsdill, Gary. (2013). A Math Therapy Exercise. Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, 3(2).

 Stogsdill, Gary (2013). Something New in Math: Meaningful Mathematics Courses for Liberal Arts Undergraduates. Global Journal of Science Frontier Research, 13(9).

Stogsdill, Gary (2003). Western Philosophy from its Beginnings to the Modern Era: Evaluated with a Focus on its Neglect of Nonrational Ways of Knowing. Course reader for Experiential Philosophy.

Research (Return to top)

Gary's current scholarly focus is on preparing a course reader of original essays for Math Explorations.

Education (Return to top)

Gary's BA in Elementary Education is from Prescott College's Limited-Residency Undergraduate Program (formerly ADP), where he learned the transformative power of the ADP.  His MA in College Education is from Northern Arizona University, where he focused on alternative pedagogies for adult learners, including mathematics.  The vast majority of Gary's education has come from self-directed lifelong learning.

Expertise (Return to top)

As a lifelong learner, Gary knows that expertise is a slippery claim; however, his areas of interest are: humanistic mathematics, natural sciences, philosophy, spirituality studies, consciousness studies, holistic health, healing arts, and interdisciplinary studies.


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