Chanti Smith


Prescott College Affiliation : Alumni


Program : Bachelor of Arts


Area of Study : Holistic Health & Spirituality / Social & Cultural Change


Graduation Year : 1999


For my senior project I started a free holistic health clinic, the Shanti Wellness Project, for low-income women in Yavapai County. After I graduated the clinic continued to grow, so we became a non-profit and I served as executive director for two years. I recently passed on the leadership of the clinic to return to my home in California.

Seeing the community come together in the service of others inspires my work. My teachers at Prescott College said I could do anything!

Advice for students: Share your vision with others and no doubt it will take off like wildfire.  ...And spend a lot of time preparing for that wildfire!

"Seeing the community come together in the service of others inspires my work."


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