Chris Hout

Prescott College AffiliationAlumni
ProgramBachelor of Arts
Area of StudyPsychology
Graduation Year1992

M.Ed. NAU, 1999

Arizona Licensed Associate Counselor 11811

Currently I work full time in the Office of Student Life at Prescott College. I provide enrolled students with short term mental health therapy. I provide career development counseling to enrolled students and graduates.  I have two great kids who challenge me everyday.  I spent a lot of time in the outdoors exercising, kayaking, hiking, camping, etc.  I play music with a few different combos.  Currently my favorite activity is watching the baby quail grow up around my backyard. I was on the Prescott College Employee Association Board for four years. I was the Staff Employee representative on the Prescott College Board of Trustees for two years.  I have served on numerous committees and task forces.  I help coach my children’s’ sports teams. I serve on the Yavapai County Medical Reserve Corps where I would assist in community disaster response by providing mental health services.

I wished as a high school student that I could have found people in positions of authority (teachers, counselors, etc.) that were willing to take the time and energy to question and explore life with me in an authentic way. I was inspired to “be the change I wish to see I the world” by getting an education and diving in to life experiences that would allow me to embody my beliefs.

I am continually inspired when I have a chance to serve students by creating a space where an individual can discover what their vision is of balance and potential. I can only hope that now I am able to provide a few moments where students and graduates can explore what their idea of life’s meaning is.  If people can dance a little to the music I play, laugh a little with the stories I tell and be perplexed by the big questions that I ask, all the better.

PC taught me to be resourceful and persistent in finding unique ways to reach certain populations. I learned how to use critical inquiry and “wondering aloud together” to view challenges and struggles from different perspectives. Most importantly, I learned how I learn.

What advice do I have for students who are interested in following a similar path?

In general, invest time and energy in all aspects of your learning journey, whether you are in classes, traveling, working for the man, or volunteering. Show up, be present and make the choice to participate.  If you are not engaged with the learning you are experiencing, move on to the next opportunity.  There is so much out there waiting to be explored.  

Specifically, the field of Career Counseling in the arena of Therapy and human services is growing rapidly.  Our concept of earning a living is changing so fast that we need doers and thinkers to help us make sense of what it means to be a working citizen of the world.  

Lastly please consider speaking with me since I love to ponder these kinds of things (and it is part of my job).

Art: My artistic philosophy and methods have more to do with picking up something I find on the street than it does with having a well stocked studio with blank materials.  I would rather wait and see what the wind blows in than have a shopping spree to get supplies. I find artistic meaning by noticing something that is abandoned or in disrepair, outmoded or casually tossed aside.  

One example of this is the business card holder on my desk in my office.  I often take a walk after lunch around the PC campus.  Near the San Juan warehouse I found a rust colored piece of a wheel or gear or cog.  I was attracted to the wide notches that I could fit my finger into since they seem razor sharp but were actually very smooth.  My Dad has some birds eye maple scraps left over from one of his wood working projects and we shaped and sanded and stained it so there would be a sturdy base. Sometimes people notice it on my desk and ask me what they heck the rust colored object is.  I still don’t know. 

I create and design all the publicity materials for all the bands that I play with.  I enjoy making posters and flyers using very basic techniques like clip art. I comb through old books and recycling and sanding magazines to find particular black and white images that I manipulate with photocopying and basic computer programs.  I also digitally process photos to splice in with the clip art.  I constantly sketch as way to promote creative ideas.  I have created several instruments out of old parts.  My main bass has a cheap, mass produced body that I refinished and wood burned designs in to.  I added contemporary hardware and electronic components to make it a usable instrument.  

Music: I have played in improvisational performance art combos and Latin rock cover bands, with acoustic singer songwriters and heavy metal screamers.  I have always preferred to play as part of a group rather than perform solo.  Perhaps that has to do with the fact that I play an instrument that is part of the foundation of the music. My primary love is playing fretted and fretless electric bass guitar.  I have played guitar in a few bands. I dabble in keyboards.  I have a music room in my house set up so my kids and I can make up songs.   We have a killer song called “Ripped Underpants” that I hope to unleash on the world any day soon.  Maybe “Dancing in the Boneyard” would be a better choice.

I have helped put together two very successful all day music showcases/art auctions at Coyote Joe’s Bar to benefit the Tom Simpson Scholarship fund. I miss Tom very much.

Writing: I spend way too much time coming up with band names and titles to songs and albums.  I seem to have thousands on paper and whiteboards in my rehearsal space. I write song lyrics occasionally.  I write much of the promotional materials for the band’s press packs.   I put together educational speeches for specific audiences by stringing together personal stories that seem disparate, then come together at the end to illustrate a specific learning objective.  

Rock and Roll…