Katherine Cudney


Prescott College Affiliation : Alumni


Program : Limited-Residency Master of Arts Program


Area of Study : Transformative Arts


Graduation Year : Winter 2012


Area of Expertise : Artist


Current Job : Artist


Katherine Cudney created a social activist art project called The Border Doe Project by using remnants of failed border crossing attempts  as inspiration for the creation of large sculptures- recreating who the people were as a way to connect with the humanity/inhumanity of these strategies.  Objects used in this chilling work piece include bones, clothing, and water bottles, each specifically used to recreate the harrowing and unbelievable stories of unnamed migrants crossing the US- Mexico Border.  Currently, Katherine's art work is installed in The Metamorphosis Gallery in Pategonia, AZ. The installation will then go to the Office of Outreach and Multicultural Affairs, College of Medicine's El Otro Lado New Student Union Building in the University of Arizona in Tuscon, Arizona, for the month of February 2013. Through January-February 2014, it will become part of the Smithsonian Institutes MoMS (Museum on Main Street) Journey Stories.

"As an artist engaged in this process called life, my desire is to remain open to the 'at the present' moment, to experience without filters that which I am meant to experience...


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