Connect With Prescott College


Colin Khoury

After finishing his B.A. at Prescott College, Colin worked as a Crop Curator at Native Seeds/SEARCH in Tucson, and Patagonia, Arizona, and as a biologist in an environmental consulting firm in San Diego, California.  He then went on to complete his Masters in 'Conservation and Utilisation of Plant Genetic Resources' at the University of Birmingham, UK. This experience opened the opportunity to work in ... Learn more

Fulton Wright

Former Faculty Member and College Trustee, Fulton Wright Looks to the Future of Prescott College with Planned Giving. Physicist and amateur astronomer Mr. Wright views the visionary style of education offered by Prescott College through a long lens. He came to Prescott College in 1969 to participate in an “educational experiment,” as the College was widely touted in the press at that time, leaving behind a ... Learn more

Erin Conlen

Erin Conlen studied Sustainable Community Development at Prescott College, Arizona, and uses her education to find sustainable solutions to complex problems. “I’m often approached with a puzzling question – what is a woman doing in construction? I have found this is actually where I can make the largest contribution to the progress of sustainability.” ... Learn more

Angie Tomey

Alumna Angie Tomey co-owns a farm that serves 400 CSA members, runs a flower business and an internship program at Mountain Bounty Farm in Nevada City, California. ... Learn more

Abram B. Fleishman

Adam's main focus has been on monitoring waterbird populations, both migratory and resident, which use the islands and coastal wetlands in the region for nesting, roosting, and wintering.  Projects include monitoring more than 20 species of nesting waterbirds on islands and in estuaries, as well as over 90 species and tens of thousands of individual migratory and resident waterbirds, which use the coastal ... Learn more

Angela Hawse

Angela received both her undergraduate degree in Outdoor Education and Interpretative Naturalist (1986) and her Master of Arts in International Mountain Conservation (2001) from Prescott College. Today, she does what she’s always done, lives her life to its full potential. ... Learn more

Erika DeLeo

As a Junior at Prescott College, Erika DeLeo created a video that led her to an internship at MTV in New York. ... Learn more

Jordan Kivitz

Jordan works with Center for Inspired Teaching in Washington D.C. Their mission is to revolutionize education through innovative teacher training, curriculum development, and compassionate pedagogical practices. ... Learn more

Angelica Brady

From the moment Angelica completed her Wilderness Orientation in Fall 2011 she knew something had to be changed about the way Orientation was marketed, designed and carried out so that it would better reflect the Prescott College mission statement and philosophy, and uphold all aspects of the PC motto. For her senior project, Angelica explored the history of Adventure Education, and Education to examine ... Learn more