50th Anniversary

Community & Campus Resources

Connecting with partners to advance research and mission

With an eye toward enhancing its diversity of programming, Prescott College has developed exchange opportunities and partnerships with nearly 20 colleges, universities, and other organizations locally and throughout the world that complement and enhance the College’s mission.  Many of these programs operate through funding provided from their programmatic and research activities, while at the same time connecting to and facilitating the learning and service mission of the College.  These opportunities allow students to experience ecological and cultural diversity and explore areas of study that enhance and extend what is available to them at Prescott College.

Arizona Wilderness Coalition

The Arizona Wilderness Coalition and Prescott College are natural partners in the movement to protect and expand wilderness lands in Arizona. ... Learn more

Butte Creek Restoration Council

Lower Butte Creek: The New Centerpiece of Campus The Butte Creek Restoration Council (BCRC) was originally formed in the spring of 1996 by three visionary on-campus undergrads and a few dedicated faculty members from Prescott College. The purpose: to address the degraded ecological conditions of Lower Butte Creek through revegetation projects and community-based education, based on sound restoration ... Learn more

Institute for Sustainable Social Change

The journal highlights techniques that have been successful in educating people regarding the problems and opportunities associated with complex human behavior, using the terms sustainable and education in its broadest context. ... Learn more

Maasai Community Partnership

The Maasai Community Partnership Project is a collaboration between the Maasai Environmental Resource Coalition (MERC), a grassroots umbrella organization of Maasai human rights and conservation efforts, and Prescott College. All of our work is driven by a commitment to radical equality and to justice. It is also fueled by a belief that our Indigenous cultures such as the Maasai may hold the key to our planet’s ... Learn more

Prescott-Area Partners

Even with a modest-sized population, Prescott is home to two additional institutions of higher learning, along with an ecological design institute and a massage school. Prescott College's partnership with these organizations allows students an even broader offering of classes that complement or enhance their educational path without leaving town. ... Learn more

The EcoLeague

The Eco League student exchange gives students access to study in environments ranging from the Pacific to Atlantic coasts and from the subtropics to the subarctic. ... Learn more