50th Anniversary

Arizona Wilderness Coalition

Partners in the movement to protect and restore our wilderness

Our Mission

"The Arizona Wilderness Coalition (AWC) is an ad hoc organization of groups and individuals whose mission is to protect and restore wilderness and other wildlands and waters in Arizona. The AWC will coordinate and conduct inventories, educate citizens about these lands, enlist continuing support and advocate for their lasting protection."

Prescott College Field Office

As one of the largest environmental organizations in Arizona, Prescott College holds the unique position of promoting activism for wilderness designation through the use of wildlands as outdoor classrooms. As learners and educators in the field, students, faculty and staff act as natural volunteers and advocates for wilderness areas in Arizona.

In February 2002, the AWC embarked upon an innovative partnership with Prescott College to organize, support and initiate roadless inventories in the remaining portion of Arizona. The AWC sponsors two full time graduate fellowships at Prescott College.