Earn a Certificate in Coaching

Prescott College announces the launch of its professional certification in coaching


Lost a job or unhappy with your current occupation, but wonder how to make a significant switch in careers without going back to school? Professional certifications will be the key for people looking to make a change in profession without having to attend time-intensive or costly degree programs.

The Lifelong Learning Center at Prescott College is pleased to offer one of only two certifications in coaching available in the state of Arizona. Attend just one intensive weekend training a month starting in spring 2012 in the Tucson area to become a trained and certified professional practicing coaching in a variety of areas including: Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Life Coaching, and many more.

Coaching is a transformational process where a coach and a client partner together to support the client in attaining goals, facilitating breakthroughs, and reaching their potential. Coaching is successfully used in a wide variety of professions including:  teaching, business consulting, personal training, therapy, medical practice, management, and training. This certification is perfect for anyone that desires to expand into the coaching profession, or add coaching credentials to an already existing career.

The certificate program includes six in-person weekend courses, four phone sessions, interim self-paced experiential exercises, and a self-paced 3-6 month practicum upon course completion. By the end of the certificate program participants will be eligible to apply for the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) Associate Coach Certification Application (ACC). The program is currently in the process of securing accreditation for the IFC and is a member of the local chapter of IFC. For more information about ICF, the coaching field, and certification, visits the ICF website at: www.coachfederation.org. Continuing education clock hours are available.

Pre-requisites for the program include two hours of coaching, by a certified coach, completed pre-entrance, and an additional six hours of coaching, by a certified coach, completed by Certificate completion. Tuition for the full certificate is $2,450 (additional fees may apply), due at time of registration. For more information or to register visit www.prescott.edu/lifelong-learning or contact the Director of Lifelong Learning for an application form and to set up an interview lifelonglearning@prescott.edu or (928) 350-4110.

Course List

Foundations: Foundations gives participants an in-depth exploration of how coaching works, how to apply the methods in a variety of ways, and why coaching is so powerfully transformative.

Integrative Development: This course explores the Nine Personality Types of the Enneagram and how to use the Enneagram to enhance personal and professional breakthroughs.

All Mastery is Self Mastery: The formulas for self-actualization are explored and expounded upon to give the coach a solid understanding of how to support a client in their personal and/or professional evolution.

Creating Clarity: This course covers a variety of tools and pathways to support a client to movement from fear and anxiety around a problem into a space of clarity and peace surrounding the solution.

Emotional Intelligence:  Participants learn how to navigate emotional streams, how to address emotions in a session, and how to use emotions as a powerful and motivational tool for navigation.

Time and Life Management: Topics explored include the key principles and strategies that streamline action, how to maintain healthy levels of energy output, and the nuts and bolts of applying these principles to all aspects of life and/or business success.

About the Instructor

Laurel Inman has been coaching since 2001. She received certification from the Coach Training Alliance and completed her degree in Human Development and Organizational Psychology, with a concentration in Corporate Coaching, from Prescott College. She has completed over 375 hours of Integral Coaching and Leadership Internship with Sandy Hogan & CO and is currently a candidate for PCC designation by the ICF. Laurel currently helps small business owners struggling with the “business-owner-blues” reconnect with what is possible and reach beyond their potential. In addition to having her private coaching practice and teaching courses on coaching and self-actualization, she is the author of Fire Your Diet.