Sixth Annual Sustainability Symposium at Prescott College

Prescott College invites you to meet their next generation of change makers at their sixth annual Sustainability Education Symposium on May 16th-17th at the Prescott College campus. Focusing on the connections between sustainability and education throughout society, this year’s symposium is focused on Supporting Sustainability Through Creativity.  This theme highlights a broad view of sustainability education, one that moves beyond technological solutions into cultural, spiritual, and creative dimensions.  Prescott’s symposium is designed to engage our community in creative and scholarly discourse and to build human connections that support sustainability.
This free event will include a musical interludes and a keynote presentation “And The People Can Sing!” by vocal activist Melanie DeMore. Known for her golden voice that weaves the fibers of African American folk music with soulful ballads, spirituals, and her own original music, Melanie has been nominated for a Grammy award and has been invited to travel the world to speak about the healing power of music. Her keynote will highlight connection between community, song, creativity, collaboration, and sustainability. Melanie’s website highlights her powerful music and personal story.

You can download the full schedule of the symposium, and check out the Website   Prescott College Symposium on Sustainability Education . For more information on the symposium, contact James Patsalides at

The Prescott College Symposium on Sustainability Education is an annual conference bringing community members, experts, and students of sustainability education together to learn about the latest work in this new field and to connect and celebrate our emerging scholars. Each Spring, the Prescott College Ph.D. program in Sustainability Education hosts a symposium centered around the theme of sustainability and its connection with education throughout our society.  Over the course of the two-day symposium, participants learn from an array of internationally-known keynote speakers and other renowned sustainability and education experts in a variety of modes: panel discussions, workshops, formal presentations, and via informal networking opportunities.

Now in its ninth year, the Prescott College Limited-Residency Ph.D. program in Sustainability Education’s mission is to create an informed, involved citizenry with the social and scientific literacy, commitment, and creative problem-solving skills to engage in responsible individual and cooperative actions toward a sustainable society. Achieving sustainability in all dimensions of human existence depends on adopting an educational paradigm that manifests and supports change toward a sustainable, secure society. The Limited-Residency Ph.D. program in Sustainability Education strives to contribute to synergistic learning and change in consciousness, education, culture – and, ultimately, society.

Previous Symposium Keynote Speakers

  • Dr. Craig Chalquist, department chair of East-West Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies and a former core faculty member in the Department of Consciousness & Transformative Studies at John F. Kennedy University.
  • Dr. Mitchell Thomashow, Director of the Second Nature Presidential Fellows Program
  • Bryant Terry, chef, food justice activist, and author
  • Jaimie Cloud, Founder and President of the Cloud Institute for Sustainability in Education
  • Andres Edwards, Sustainability consultant, educator, entrepreneur, and award-winning author
  • Ron Goode, Chairman of the North Fork Mono Tribe
  • Dr. Sandy Grande, Associate professor and Chair of the Education Department at Connecticut College
  • Dr. Devon Peña, Professor of American Ethnic Studies, Anthropology, and the Program on the Environment at the University of Washington
  • Gibrán Rivera, Senior Associate at the Interaction Institute for Social Change

About Prescott College

As a nationally acclaimed institution of higher education located in the central highlands of Arizona, Prescott College offers competency based programs in the liberal arts and professional disciplines with a focus on interdisciplinary and experiential education in six general areas: Environmental Studies, Human Development and Psychology, Education, Arts and Letters, Adventure Education and Cultural and Regional Studies. A private, non-profit, four year college, Prescott College offers Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees in an on-campus and limited residency format.

Founded on the premise of what college should be and funded by a Ford Foundation grant in the mid-1960s, a symposium attended by luminaries from within and outside higher education (including Henry Luce of Time/Life fame) met to create the ideal college—one which should focus on competency and breadth, experiential, self-directed hands-on learning, a focus on narrative evaluations and a pedagogically focused orientation process.  This meeting resulted in developing a unique schedule (the on-campus program while semester in tone, includes a one month block class followed by more extended class periods for the remaining 12 week semester), an acknowledgement of lifelong learning and the importance of life experience (resulting in the development of one of the first hybrid distance education programs and prior learning assessment), an immersion in environment (resulting in “The Southwest is Our Classroom” where all classes immerse in the subject under study including field classes in all areas) and a respect for theory and application (all students create a capstone project which contains a thesis and a practical application of that theory).

Consistently named one of the top campuses in the nation for environmental initiatives by the Princeton Review Green Schools, enrollment is approximately 500 resident students and 700 limited-residency students.

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