Angelica Brady

Prescott College AffiliationStudent
Area of StudySocial Justice Education
Graduation YearMay 2013
Area of ExpertiseHolistic and Community Development
LocationPrescott, AZ

From the moment Angelica completed her Wilderness Orientation in Fall 2011 she knew something had to be changed about the way Orientation was marketed, designed and carried out so that it would better reflect the Prescott College mission statement and philosophy, and uphold all aspects of the PC motto. 

For her senior project, Angelica explored the history of Adventure Education, and Education to examine how they fit into the creation of the Wilderness Orientation. From there, Angelica was able to establish that Orientation is the most significant piece of the Prescott College journey because it can greatly influence a student's impression of and loyalty to the college. Because Orientation is a student’s first introduction to and impression of the college, it is important to make this experience one that is inclusive, fun, and mindful of everyone’s needs. Angelica set out to accomplish three main goals: 1) Examine and analyze the existing Wilderness Orientation design and curriculum and work to enhance this program and the ways in which the leaders are chosen, 2) To design and implement a Curriculum Planning Workshop for future Orientation leaders, and 3) To design a new Orientation program, one that would highlight Land, Identity and Social Justice. The culmination of her senior project is the development of the Curriculum Planning Workshop which would give future Orientation leaders a hand in creating an inclusive, interdisciplinary, respectful and non-violent curriculum that reflects the needs and desires of the community well.

Angelica has worked diligently with a number of faculty, students and staff to ensure a diversity of input, opinions and experiences. Angelica will present her findings at the Baccalaureate Ceremony. She hopes that the Prescott College community will receive the information well and will work towards fully integrating the Mission and Philosophy of Prescott College, as well as its Social Justice element so as to become an institution that truly reflects its values.