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Paul Burkhardt serves as the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty or EVPAA and Dean of the Faculty. The Executive Vice President holds the responsibility for all things academic at the College including the charge as the Chief Academic Officer. The Chief Academic Officer coordinates the educational affairs and activities of the College as a whole. The Chief Academic Officer is responsible for central academic support services, for strategic planning processes and annual updates, and for maintaining institutional accreditation, licensing, and compliance. Areas of responsibility include: Oversight of the Undergraduate, Graduate, and Professional Programs; the Lifelong Learning Center; Sponsored Programs and Research; the Learning Commons; Informational Technology Services; Learning Technology; Academic Operations; Institutional Research; the Library; and the Office of the Registrar.



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May 25
12:00 PM – Memorial Day
May 28
12:00 PM – Limited-Residency Programs Undergraduate Orientation
May 29
12:00 PM – Limited-Residency Programs Undergraduate Orientation

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