Office of the President

A Unique History

Prescott College is like no other college.  It is located a mile high in Northern Arizona, in an old western ranching and mining town.  Doc Holliday, the Earps, Wes Hardin and many other legendary figures of the old west frequented the town and area.  The history and beauty of the Southwest permeates everything we do at the college. 

A Unique School

A great concern for our environment, individuals as human beings and social justice for all form the base for all our offerings.  Our residential undergraduate programs begins with an in the field wilderness experience where you first meet many of our wonderfully caring faculty.  As you continue on at the college they will help you design a program that fits your passion and your career aspirations.  Our great staff supports your administrative needs so you are not distracted from your studies.  Our low residency bachelors, masters and Ph.D. programs are also designed to help students craft an educational pathway that supports their career goals.  We believe our educational model is the most progressive in higher education.  It was true when we were founded in the early 60s and is still true today.  This model of experiential, liberal arts-based learning and teaching produces alumni who are well prepared for their current employment that is chosen because they are able to create positive change and contribute to the sustainability of the social and natural environment.  

Around the World

Our learning campus is not just in Prescott, AZ.  We have centers in Tucson, AZ and in Kino Bay, Sonora, Mexico.  Kino Bay is Prescott College’s field station on the shores of the central Gulf of California.  We also have an active program in Kenya, Africa working with the Maasai peoples.  Class related field trips are scheduled throughout the world when and where appropriate.  And of course, we have the beautiful Southwest surrounding our campus for a year-round classroom.
Come join us as we live and learn together at one of the most unique colleges in the United States.