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How does one quantify the success of a college or university? There is certainly more to having a meaningful impact in the world than a healthy bottom line, or the number of graduates who pass through our doors. Prescott College has made strides in many areas over the past decade, including increased enrollment and adding new programs. We have renovated and expanded the campus in sustainable ways and have grown the endowment. We’re especially proud to say that our faculty, students, and alumni have raised Prescott College’s visibility by their increased contributions to scholarship, scientific research, public policy, the arts, humanities, and social change. Our alumni report that Prescott College prepares them well for their current employment (see chart below), employment chosen because they are able to create positive change and contribute to the sustainability of the social and natural environment.

Meanwhile the world continues to experience new environmental and social crises daily. In response, Prescott College is committed to: 

• Expanding the dialogue about immigration and countering fear-based thought with collaborative and systems-based approaches 

• Helping to develop and implement sustainable economic and social models 

• Teaching ways to avoid and/or mitigate environmental catastrophes like climate change and the Gulf of Mexico oil spill

• Addressing human needs and human rights violations both here and abroad, from Indigenous and local self-determination and fair government to sustainable food, water, and access to education

• Moving beyond the rigid standards-based climate in education to pedagogical models that balance standards with student initiative and the creative problem solving inherent in experiential, liberal-arts-based learning and teaching

• Demonstrating that the world is a richer place when culture, the arts, and humanities are integrated with the art of living   when theory is refined by practice Prescott College is at a moment in its history like no other. We are poised, because of our history and experience in working with the liberal arts, the environment, and social justice, to help shape the national and international dialogue in meaningful ways.

Thanks to our donors, dedicated faculty, staff, and students’ passion for these areas, Prescott College can look forward to any more decades of guiding students in developing the self-confidence, poise, and skills needed to tackle these complex issues.

Kristin R. Woolever

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