Prescott College: Employer of National Service

Prescott College is an "Employer of National Service" -- we value and consider service experience in hiring processes.

Prescott College is also a "Learning Community of National Service" -- many of our bachelors, masters and doctoral students have completed service programs or integrated them into their programs of study. 

To recognize the importance of this service to student's learning and to increase affordability, Prescott College is one of the only institutions to offer a full match of the Segal Educational Award for all programs of study!

Prescott College also offers several ways for students to receive credit for college level learning developed in service projects.  The College has developed a template within which students can document their college level learning within our Prior Learning Assessment course for evaluation for credit.  The College also offers other courses within which students can earn credit for service projects (e.g., internships, practica, senior capstone projects, etc.).