Prescott City Statistics

Bronze Horse and Cowboy,


43,011 in the city of Prescott

103,260 in the Quad-City area


91.7 percent are white
6.4 percent are Latino

Number of buildings on the National Register of Historic Places



 5,200 feet


Average summer high—86.2 F
Average summer low—54.2 F
Average winter high—53.7 F
Average winter low—25.5 F

Average annual rainfall

19.2 inches

Average winter snowfall     

22 inches

Average number of sunny days


Size of Prescott National Forest

1.25 million acres

Number of biomes within 10 miles of the center of Prescott

6 — Riparian, desert grassland, chaparral, piñon pine/juniper, ponderosa forest, mixed conifer/aspen forest

Number of lakes within 10 miles of Prescott

5 — Watson, Willow, Goldwater, Lynx and Granite Basin lakes.

Number of named creeks running through Prescott

9 (the highest number of any town in the state) — Granite, N. Fork of Granite, Willow, Spence, Miller, Butte, Banning, Aspen, & Manzanita creeks

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