Angry People of Color


APOC creates and provide a safe and supportive space for people of color in the Prescott College community.  APOC strives to challenge various forms of oppression by supporting current PC students of color (including having regular meetings, building knowledge/power, supporting art/expression, providing resources for current and future students, advocating for the interests of students of color, and demanding change through the direct addressal of racism within the Prescott College community). APOC is open to self-identified people of color within the Prescott Community.

APOC has been accepted to present at the 2013 National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME) conference in Oakland, California. NAME is a non-profit organization that advances and advocates for equity and social justice through multicultural education. Our participation at the conference will take form as a panel discussion. We will address the conference them by presenting our work as a group of self-identified students of color organizing against the fixtures of institutionalized racism that manifest within our predominately white liberal arts institution.

APOC is opened to any student or person who identifies as a student/person of color within the Prescott community.


Amanda Kunzman (student representative): akunzman@prescott.edu 

Todd Mireles (faculty advisor): ernestomirelese33@gmail.com 


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