Helping Understand Bicycles (HUB)

Committed to promoting bicycles as a fun and sustainable form of transportation

Bicycle Wheel With Cassette Tool,

"The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine." ~John Howard

Helping Understand Bikes (HUB) is an inclusive do-it-yourself bicycle workspace where anyone (that means you!) can learn how to fix bikes at no charge. If you don't have a bike, you can build your own for free! If you have lots of bikes and want to find a great home for them, we would greatly appreciate you donating them.

HUB is a coalition committed to promoting bicycles as a fun and sustainable form of transportation that is accessible to individuals of any age, class, race or gender. Our commitment has manifested in the form of a community bicycle workspace.

We offer all community members workspace, tools, guidance, bicycle maintenance workshops, the use of reclaimed bike parts, and bicycle related events. Through these projects HUB also seeks to build bridges between the local cycling community, and Prescott College. HUB compliments Prescott College's commitment to social justice and the environment.

HUB is located at Prescott College on the NW corner of Grove and West Sheldon streets. Look for the giant cage filled with bicycles.

Hours of Operation—Students are most frequently available to staff HUB during Fall and Spring semesters. Hours change according to staff availability and can be sporadic during the summer. It is best to come by the shop to find current shop times posted on the white board outside the door. 


Alec Robinson (Student representative):

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