Peace and Justice Center

Utilizing research, action, and education to promote a more just and peaceful world


The Peace and Justice Center (PJC) at Prescott College utilizes research, action, and education to promote a more just and peaceful world. Working within local communities, as well as internationally, we focus our efforts on initiatives including event coordination, grassroots media, extracurricular development, nonviolence workshops, and global studies programs. We serve as home to the national headquarters of the Peace and Justice Studies Association (PJSA) and assist them in producing newsletters and organizing conferences, creating internship and service learning opportunities for students in the peace and justice studies fields and helping them to engage the larger world critically and ethically. In all of our endeavors we strive to fulfill, uphold, and support the Prescott College mission of experiential education, self-directed learning, and dedication to both social and ecological justice in order to enhance our communities and environments.

Faculty Advisor

Randall Amster, E-mail 


Office in Summit building (112 Summit Street)


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