Prescott Environmental Advocacy Club

Campaigns to server the human community and the biosphere

Photo by Abram Fleishman,Photo by Abram Fleishman

The Prescott Environmental Advocacy Club allows students to share environmental campaigns that they believe will better serve the “human community and the biosphere,” as stated in the College’s mission statement. Club members and participants can bring their own campaigns to the meetings, so as to earn support and receive strategic input from fellow members. Those who do not bring their own campaigns to meetings are valued for the support and input they bring for existing campaigns. Participants are encouraged to “think critically” about each campaign proposed and have the freedom to decide whether or not it is a cause they want to support. An online forum will be created to assist members as they strive to strengthen their advocacy work and further research background information for campaigns. Club “participants”or “members” need not make any formal commitment to the Club and anyone is welcome, regardless of political values or college affiliation.



Kara Kukovich (student representative):

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