Prescott College Ski and Snowboard Team


Prescott College Ski and Snowboard Team is dedicated to bringing together students with like-interest in the name of snow, gravity, and mountains. This club is an opportunity to strengthen the PC ski and snowboard community. To reach out to all members of the community the Ski and Snowboard Team would host on-campus events and events on the mountains that encourages the community to share the sport that we all love. The PC Ski and Snowboard Team is all inclusive, this means skiers/tele/riders of all skills and abilities have to opportunity to play in the mountains. The club encourages students to live a healthy active lifestyle that is fulfilling to themselves and their community, while offering an experience learn and travel in alpine environments. The club would fund a wide spectrum of activities/events from never-ever skiers learning the joy of skiing, to backcountry touring enthusiast going on yurt trips, or for students wanting to compete in big mountain events like the Freeride World Qualifier. 


David Lovejoy (Faculty Representative):

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