Counseling Services

Assisting students to strengthen their self-care systems

Chris Hout,

Going to college — or going on an extended backpacking course! These are big experiences, and they inspire excitement, wonder, and feelings of connection and unity. Big experiences like these also mark significant transitions in our lives, and everyone deals with change differently. Occasionally people experience periods of excessive stress, sadness, or fear.

Each of us have the ability to handle our hard times through our own self-care or coping systems. For students who need assistance in strengthening their self-care systems, Prescott College makes every effort to educate and empower them. One way we assist students is through personal counseling.

Personal counseling sessions for students are limited to short term, solution-based therapy. After an initial intake assessment with the college counselor, a student is offered up to six sessions of counseling. These sessions usually incorporate educational materials, journaling, visualizations, and behavior tracking techniques to raise awareness.

All counseling contact is confidential. For those students who require more extensive or additional services than are available through the College counselor, we will offer a referral to competent local therapists.

Please contact Chris Hout, Career and Personal Counselor, for more information or to schedule an appointment: (928) 350-1003 or E-mail


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