Counseling Services

Assisting students to strengthen their self-care systems

Introducing Prescott College’s

New Student Assistance Program – Talk One2One

Free and Confidential Help for All Kinds of Personal Problems and Issues. 

We understand that making sound work, life and academic choices is a difficult challenge, and that navigating personal and professional stress can be overwhelming at times. We are pleased to announce that AllOne Health Resources has been chosen to be our new Student Assistance Program provider. If you are facing any kind of personal problem or issue, call to speak to a licensed Talk One2One Consultant who will listen to your concerns and offer guidance and resources to help meet your needs. Call anytime, 24/7.

The services available through Talk One2One are:

Confidential Counseling Services

Students are eligible to receive assessment, referral, and counseling services (up to 3 face to face sessions).

Financial Assistance

This service provides free telephone consultation per financial issue. Typical financial issues include credit card debt, identity theft, financial planning, and tax advice provided by a qualified financial counselor. Financial Counselors will also help you develop a livable budget.

This is a free and confidential service to Prescott College students

Call: 1.855.760.5654 

Here is our FAQ sheet.