Bonnie Stauffer, Carol Rawlings and Diane Gilbert

July 4 - August 4, 2012

The Prescott College Art Gallery at Sam Hill Warehouse announces the opening of the art exhibition, Conversations with Beauty, featuring the works of three Prescott artists, Carol Rawlings, Diane Gilbert and Bonny Stauffer. This exhibition is the third in which these Prescott artists have shown their work together. Although each works in different media, they find that their shared love for the beauty of the natural world results in works that speak to one another. 

In a collective exhibition statement for Conversations with Beauty, artist’s Rawlings, Gilbert, and Stauffer explain,
“The three of us have been in conversation with each other for many years about our responses to the natural world and about the poets, philosophers, and other artists whose ideas resonate with us. We have shown our work together twice before and feel that the works, too, carry on a conversation among themselves. Although each of us works separately in our chosen discipline, we think of this exhibition as a collaborative work in its own right. In a time when news about the environment is apt to be bad, we suggest that imaginative personal interaction with earth and sky can be an antidote to despair and paralysis. Each of us finds great joy in the richness of nature, and we mean this exhibition to be an expression of gratitude for it.”

Carol Rawlings says that making books brings together several strands of her life: bookworm, calligrapher, student of literature and art history. When she curated an exhibition for the Colorado Calligraphers Guild in 1980, she invited several western American scribes to contribute handmade books. After she and her husband moved from Denver to Prescott in 1985, she decided to start making one-of-a-kind calligraphic books herself. She has shown her books several times at the Yavapai College Art Gallery, as well as at the Beasley Gallery at NAU. Four of her books are in the Special Collections of the University of Arizona Library, Tucson.

Diane Gilbert has maintained a studio in Prescott for twenty-five years and taught weaving in the Yavapai College Art Department from 1988 throughout 2009. In an early and fundamental part of her fiber arts education, Diane apprenticed as an oriental rug restorationist. She has studied color formally and informally throughout her career and presents lectures and workshops on color for fiber artists. Her work has been exhibited nationally since the 1980s, has received numerous awards, and was included in the publication Fiberarts Design Book Seven. Her current work involves unusual materials in large open networks that incorporate space into surface, making light and shadow active participants in the work.

Bonny Stauffer has been a Prescott resident for over 35 years. With a fine arts degree in painting and training in the graphic-design field, Bonny simultaneously developed both areas of art in her 22-year career at Yavapai College as an award-winning designer, as a member of the art department faculty teaching design courses, and as an arts administrator. She continued to develop and exhibit her paintings throughout her career at the college, often integrating digital and traditional processes in her work. Bonny’s work is in private collections throughout the US, and she has exhibited work regionally at universities and galleries. Now a full-time studio artist, Bonny spends long periods of time drawing on location in order to explore new expressions of her love for the earth.