Glenn and Stephen Smith - Brothers Forever: A Promise Fulfilled

January 10 – February 8, 2014

Steve and Glenn promised each other they would one day exhibit their work together and since Glenn’s passing this promise has remained constant in Steve’s mind.

The exhibition is on view January 10 – February 8, 2014, with a Reception on Friday, January 10, 6:00 – 8:00 PM. 

Stephen Smith will give an Artist Talk at the gallery on January 24th at 6 PM, in conjunction with the Prescott 4th Friday Art Walk (Gallery open 5 – 7).

In 1994 Steve Smith sadly lost his brother Glenn to AIDS.  Glenn was a New York City artist whose mosaics and paintings were being exhibited in many galleries.  Steve’s career in New York and Arizona has been as an art educator, woodworker and photographer.  Steve and Glenn promised each other they would one day exhibit their work together and since Glenn’s passing this promise has remained constant in Steve’s mind.  Over the last decade, as Steve’s art evolved, he began to research and realize the complexity and scope of Glenn’s art.  Through these endeavors Steve recognized a common vision and passion in the brothers’ art.  Glenn and Steve both sought to capture in various mediums life’s beauties, joys, fears, and complexities.  With this exhibition the brothers’ promise is realized.

In reflection of his brother’s work Stephen states, “In putting together this representation of Glenn's work, I was amazed not only by the depth and breadth of the collection but by the realization that the work itself is extraordinary. From his early work to that which we discovered after his death, each piece is not only unique unto itself, but each seems to speak and connect to what would follow. It becomes clear from piece to piece that Glenn never lost the passion or the desire to express his vision.”

Glenn Smith lived his life with a fearless passion fueled by unquenchable curiosity. Art became the voice he chose and the work he left speaks to the creative passion and vision that drove him. Born in Rochester, New York, Glenn was raised with his four brothers in a home that both appreciated and encouraged artistic creativity. In an effort to expand his skills he sought out information and knowledge from wherever he could find it - be it from other artists he admired or by attending classes at local universities. His single minded focus led to an almost unnatural absorption of all things art – its history; its different mediums; and its techniques, past and present – but this same single mindedness made it impossible for him to pursue an educational path that involved studying anything outside his focus. He quickly became proficient in every artistic medium – he was determined not to let a lack of knowledge of a particular skill stand in the way of his artistic vision. 

Stephen Smith received a Bachelor's degree in Studio Art at the State University of New York in Brockport. While there, Stephen majored in sculpture, and studied under renowned artists Albert Paley, as well as Wendell Castle. At that time, he also discovered photography and realized his own knack for looking beyond the big picture and focusing on life's minute details.  Stephen received a Masters degree in Art Education from Nazareth College, and taught for over 25 years.  About his work, Stephen states, “Artistically, my path has taken me in many directions. Creating photography and furniture with a focus on the sculptural beauty in both, I continue to get closer and to see what others might not.”  Stephen currently resides in Prescott, Arizona.

A portion of all proceeds from the sales of artwork will directly benefit the fight against AIDS and HIV. 

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