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A Culture of Philanthropy

In this context culture is defined as an organization’s core values, beliefs, and behavior norms. The word philanthropy comes from the Greek words philos, meaning loving, and anthropus, meaning humankind, combining to express “love of humanity.”

Prescott College is a dynamic community devoted to living healthier lifestyles, maintaining more meaningful relationships, and exhibiting a heightened sense of values and ethics. We pride ourselves on maintaining ideals of social and environmental resiliency, expressing our love for all who inhabit this earth, human or “other,” through conservation, community and political action, volunteerism, and so much more.

To be a part of Prescott College is to understand, thrive in, and enhance our world community and environment. We regard learning as a continuing process and strive to provide an education that will enable students to live productive lives while achieving a balance between self-fulfillment and service to others. Join us in our mission to change the world for the better—give today.