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On the boulders at Watson Lake.,

The endowment is Prescott College’s foundation for future growth and continued academic achievement. Endowment funds provide a steady, predictable source of income over time, on which the College can make commitments and build its programs. Unlike other gifts, which are spent relatively soon after receipt, gifts for the endowment are invested and the principal is held in perpetuity.

Endowed funds support many important purposes, as specified by their donors. At Prescott College, we have the following specified funds:
• General endowment
• Scholarship
• Endowed chairs
• Buildings and campus
• Professional development
• Academic programs and the library.

A limited number of funds within our endowment allow the administration and Board of Trustees broad latitude to determine how the income will be spent.
The endowment serves Prescott College and the public in several ways:
• Providing stability and a hedge against inflation or recession
• Leveraging other revenue sources to accomplish such goals as admitting students based on achievement and potential, and not on ability to pay
• Encouraging innovation and flexibility in teaching and research, which often results in important discoveries in science, environmental issues, sustainability, and other fields
• Allowing the College to plan for the longer term--two centuries from now, the endowment will still benefit future generations who are seeking the highest quality education for their children and themselves.

Specific Named Endowment Funds at Prescott College may be established with a minimum gift of $25,000, including matching gift funds. Please see the list of existing named endowment funds[link to list at bottom of this page] below. For more information on Prescott College’s Endowment Policies, please visit our Policies Page, and click on Endowment, Policy No. 433.0, Section No. IV.

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