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We offer many ways for you to give your support. Assets such as cash or stock are our most direct source of support from alumni and others who want to provide a way for Prescott College to help college-bound families with increasing education costs and to help Prescott College enhance the quality of its faculty, academic and extra-curricular programs, and facilities. Financial contributions can be given in several different ways to meet your personal financial needs. 

Your attorney or tax accountant can advise you of the full benefits of supporting Prescott College with any of the gifts below. If you wish, the Office for Institutional Advancement would be pleased to give you the name of Prescott College alumni who are attorneys and/or accountants who can advise you about the benefits of supporting Prescott College.



The easiest way to give cash to Prescott College is through Online Payments . Checks should be made payable to Prescott College and sent to Prescott College Office for Institutional Advancement, 220 Grove Avenue, Prescott, AZ 86301. Cash gifts can also be made by automatic cash transfer. Your gift can be designated for a specific project or academic department or you may leave it unrestricted, which allows the greatest flexibility to respond to the College's needs.

All online donations automatically go towards the Annual Fund for Academic Excellence unless specified in the description or arrangements are made with the Office for Institutional Advancement.

Life Insurance

A donor with a modest income can sometimes make a major donation to Prescott College through a gift of life insurance. New or existing policies naming the College as the owner and/or beneficiary can be given to the College. You can contribute an existing policy that is paid in full or one for which premiums are still owed. Purchasing a new policy and irrevocably naming Prescott College as the owner and beneficiary is an excellent way to ensure a major gift and pay for it over a period of years. Each premium paid can be deductible as a charitable gift.

Mututal Funds

If you wish to make a gift of mutual funds, contact your broker or the mutual fund company and ask what they require to affect a gift to Prescott College. Usually, a Change of Ownership/Transfer form must be filled out by you and mailed to the Office for Institutional Advancement. Your broker or fund company will furnish you with the form upon request. The College must then open an account with the mutual fund to receive the transfer. If your broker provides you with an account application for the College, please send it along with the Ownership/Transfer form.

Personal Property

The College welcomes gifts of personal property that may be of value to the College in fulfilling its educational mission or that can be sold for the benefit of the College. Assets related to the educational mission of Prescott College (books, art work, scientific instruments, outdoor gear, photographic/visual/performance art supplies and equipment) may be deducted from your tax liability at an amount equal to their fair market value. Gifts of material goods unrelated to the College's mission are deductible on the basis of their cost to the donor.

Publicly Traded Stocks and Securities

Stock that has increased in value is one of the most popular assets used for charitable giving, once it has been held for more than one year. Making a gift of securities or closely held stock to us offers you the chance to help our organization while realizing many important tax benefits for yourself. Learn more about Stocks and Securities .

Real Estate

Your residence, farm, vacation home, or commercial or other real estate that you have owned for more than 12 months may be used to make a gift to Prescott College. An entire piece of property or an undivided fraction thereof can be donated. A gift of real estate enables you to realize a tax deduction, avoid capital gains liability, and, if desired, in some cases retain lifetime occupancy for you, your spouse, and possibly an additional person. If the College is unable to use the property, it may be sold and the proceeds added to the endowment or used for any purpose designated by the donor.

Your gift of real estate must be appraised by an independent, qualified appraiser to determine the value of your gift. Prescott College may choose to have an environmental review of the property before real estate is accepted. In some instances, you may choose to sell property to Prescott College for less than its fair market value. The difference between the fair market value and the actual sales price is deductible as a charitable gift. If the sale involves capital gain property, the proportion of gain allocated to the selling price is claimed by the donor.

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