Research Ethics (IRB)

Institutional Review Board

Painted Lady Butterfly,

This college-wide board is revitalizing the institutional review process for all research involving living beings. The IRB is relevant to anyone associated with Prescott College who is conducting research. The 2011-2012 IRB redesign process employed a living systems approach to generate ethical review processes for research in alignment Prescott College’s concern for living participants and systems.

The work of the board will continue this living systems approach to create an engaging, flexible institutional review that is responsive to the dynamic needs of the Prescott College research communities across programs and interests. Socially and ecologically just language will be integrated into existing forms and new forms will be added to this site as they become available.

Active Members: Noël Cox Caniglia, chair; Ellen Abell, Nina Ekholm-Fry, Marna Hauk, Michaela Willi-Hooper, Mary Jackson, Camille Smith, Vicky Young.

Members in Recess: Doug Hulmes.

IRB Process

Undergraduate students should discuss research and institutional review with their faculty, mentors, or advisors. Class instructors may fill out the Class Project Proposal Form.

  1. Review the IRB Flow Chart for your program for an overview of the IRB review process.
  2. Complete the National Institute of Health (NIH) training on protecting human research participants. Successful completion of this training is a necessary step in the IRB process.  Record your training certificate number.
  3. Read and discuss the 20 Questions with a peer, mentor, or faculty member. These questions will help you become aware of issues to consider when doing research. It is helpful to write down your answers to the questions in preparation for completing the IRB research proposal form.
  4. Review the Exemption Checklist to see whether your research might be exempt from the IRB review process.  Your IRB committee (in the case of MAP students, your core faculty and graduate mentor) will determine whether or not your research is exempt.
  5. Complete the IRB Proposal Review Form, utilizing the information you have gained from coursework, instructors/mentors, your core faculty, peers and the above steps. Ask your instructor/mentor/core faculty if you have questions when completing the form.  Draft and revise related research forms, including consent forms and research instruments.
  6. When your proposal has been received, please refer back to the IRB Flow Chart for your program to ensure that all stages of the review process are being completed. 

Links Relating to the IRB Process

American Psychological Association (APA) – Information regarding the citation of electronic resources in this particular style format. Please consult the style format appropriate to your own field if it is not APA.

APA FAQ – Web resource for questions about APA style and function of expression. Please consult the style format appropriate to your own field if it is not APA.

Office of Human Research Protection, US Department of Health and Human Services – Web source for most information you need with regard to protection of human subjects when conducting research

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