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All enrolled students are members of the Student Union who then elect officers to the Student Union Board. Weekly meetings are the main forum for students to discuss and debate College issues and policies. College officials regularly attend the weekly meetings. Officers of the Student Union Board work closely with the Student Events Coordinator.

The Student Union Board endorses and supports a variety of activities and student-run organizations, and is responsible for disbursing funds collected from student activity fees. Proposals to receive funding  for events, clubs and senior projects may be submitted using the online forms below and deadlines will be advertised via College e-mail.



Student Union Board E-mail.
Student Leadership and Event Coordinator: (928) 350-1005



 Student Life Building


Q: Are you applying for Senior Project Funding?


There are some things that you need to know.

  • A maximum of $500 is available per project.  Funding to attend a converence, workshop, or other extracurricular activity will be considered for up to $150.  
  • Funding will only be considered for the current term, and the ones immediately preceding and following it.
  • Personal expenses will NOT be considered for funding. Examples include:
    • Transportation (i.e. tickets, fuel, vehicle rentals, etc...)
    • Lodging
    • Personal food/drink
    • Texts
  • All applicants must attend a required Senior Project Money Meeting held on the Wednesday following the submission deadline.  During this meeting, each student will present their proposals to the Student Union Board and the applicant pool.


Please gather the following materials prior to filling out the Funding Request form:

  • A description of the project and its relevance to the mission of the college and the student's learning goals.
  • A detailed itemized budget consisting of:
    • each item to be purchased
    • where it will be purchased
    • the exact price
  • A downloadable copy of your signed Senior Project Application Form.


When you have gathered these materials, please fill out the Senior Project Funding Request


If your Senior Project will use an outside performer/vendor, please submit the following:

  • Vendor or Performer Payment Information
  • W9


If your Senior Project requires a room reservation or any facilities requests, please fill out the Events Proposal

Q: Are you trying to start a new student club or group?


Please fill out the Student Club or Group Application


Please be as thorough as possible with all descriptions about your club mission and objectives.  We will use this form to provide your club with a page on the school website.  If possible, please submit a photo as well.


If your club or group would like to request funding for its activities, please fill out the Student Club or Group Funding Application.

All requests are subject to approval by the Student Union Board.  If you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss your funding with the board, please e-mail us at

Q: Do you want to host an event or bring a performer/guest speaker to the college?


Then you need to fill out an Event Funding Request


Please be accurate and thorough with your submission.  All proposals are subject to approval by the Student Union Board.  If you would like to arrange a meeting with the board to discuss your proposal, please e-mail us at


If your event or performance requires the use of campus space, or has any special facilities requests, please fill out an Events Proposal .  This will inform campus facilities of your event, and they will help you reserve an available room/meeting area, organize any special seating arrangements, and make any catering requests.


All outside vendors/performers need to submit the following:

  • W9

  • Vendor Performer Payment Information


Please allow up to two weeks for check processing.

Student Union Board Resources - Documents

Room Reservation and Facilities Requests

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