Student Teaching


Student Teaching

Beginning Fall 2013 we have developed new criteria for student teaching that includes a revised student teaching handbook and the creation of our first Early Childhood Education student teaching handbook. We hope you find the processes to be more comprehensive, yet easily understandable. Our forms have been revised to be more straightforward and streamlined for all of our programs. 

Our student teaching handbooks now clearly outline the responsibilities of the core faculty/student teaching coordinator, cooperating teacher and the student teacher. We have created timelines for more collaboration between college faculty and the cooperating teacher. There is also a new section that includes appropriate v. inappropriate actions to take into consideration when dealing with students. All of our documents are included below.

Student Teaching Handbooks

Student Teaching Handbook

Student Teaching Handbook for Early Childhood Education

Student Teaching Forms

Student Teaching Checklist

Student Teaching Application

Student Teaching Self Assessment

Student Teaching Videotape Guidelines

Universal Capstone Assesment

Student Teaching Unit and Lesson Plan Rubric

Student Evaluation of Field Personnel

Field Personnel Documentation

Universal Improvement Plan

Request for Institutional Recommendation

PC-PUSD Contract for Classroom Observations

Student Teaching Contract

The Student Teaching Study Contract is completed by Limited-residency Undergraduate program students once the Student Teaching Application is approved by the core advisor/student teacher coordinator. Please follow the directions on the form which is accessed by the link below.

Student Teaching Contract

Student Teaching Narrative Evaluation

The student teaching narrative evaluation form is to be completed by Limited-residency Undergraduate program students. In order for the core faculty advisor/student teaching coordinator to complete the narrative evaluation they must submit to them the four observations; two from the cooperating teacher and two from the official observer. 

  Student Teaching Narrative Evaluation

Official Observer Agreement

The Higher Learning Commission, Prescott College’s regional accrediting agency, requires that our files contain the following documents from each official observer and cooperating teacher.
     a) Cooperating Teachers must have the following items on file before the student can begin student teaching:
     • Current Credential Datasheet
     • W-9 form
     • Current resume or curriculum vitae
     • Verification of highest degree
     b) Official Observers must have the following information on file:
     • Official Observer Agreement found on the college website
     • W-9 

Highest degree information will be verified by Prescott College through the National Student Clearinghouse using the information provided by the mentor in the credentialing process. Relatives and close friends are not eligible to mentor student courses because of the potential conflict of interest. 

We also require our official observers to complete and electronically sign the official observer agreement. Please click on the link below for the form:

Official Observer Agreement

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