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Job ID#: 17-1127
Job Type: Faculty - Full-time
Date Posted: Mon, 27 Nov 2017
Position Fill Date: Open until filled

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Overview:  Prescott College’s core curriculum supports students in developing creative and critical thinking skills to help address the challenges of the 21st Century. The progression of courses is structured based on an approach to community organizing: know yourself, know others, interrelate, and get to work. Within a collaborative, interdisciplinary, multigenerational learning environment, students explore the critical problems of our time as well as gain exposure to the tools and skills that may support them in addressing these challenges in their personal and professional lives. This curriculum reinforces the tradition held at Prescott College where our graduates continue on in their professional lives making a living making a difference. 

Course Progression:

  • CC1, (know yourself) students explore and reflect on their personal experiences and backgrounds, sense of self and home, and develop and reflect on their sense of purpose, belonging, and possibility entering college.
  • CC 2, (know others) students pose questions about the crises and opportunities of the 21st century, learning about how different paradigms of knowledge and practice offer solutions, expanding their scope of interdisciplinary study, exploring global issues, diverse perspectives and histories, and the big questions at the center of different academic fields.  In CC 2 students work with one another and with their faculty advisor to complete the first version of an individualized degree plan designed to achieve their career goals.
  • CC3, (interrelate with others) students apply their learning to the development and application of interdisciplinary research and creative inquiry skills and knowledge.  In CC 3 students complete a proposal for their capstone senior project.
  • CC4, (get to work) students will develop project management skills while they take their learning into the larger world through their senior project. As we welcome students into Prescott College with Orientation, so too do we prepare them to embark with a facilitated rites of passage progression preparing them to graduate college. 

The faculty seeks innovative, creative, and collaborative educators to teach interdisciplinary courses in each of the four years of the on-campus undergraduate student experience. Prospective core curriculum educators will have exposure and experience with designing curriculum that integrates techniques that may include democratic classrooms, question formulation technique, experiential education, problem-based/solution-oriented education, or backward design as well as draw upon the values of environmental and social justice education. Of utmost importance is a candidate’s ability and interest in co-teaching in interdisciplinary teams in order to simultaneously receive mentorship from seasoned faculty as well as share expertise and best practice in the arena of collaborative learning environments. We seek candidates who have the knowledge, abilities, experience and interest to teach both in the core curriculum as well as in one or more of our departments at the undergraduate and graduate levels: Environmental Studies and Sustainability, Arts and Humanities, Education, Cultural Regional Studies and Global Studies, Adventure Education, or Psychology, Human Development and Counseling. 

Please follow the application instructions on the “Cluster of Faculty Positions” website.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Prescott College is committed to Equal Opportunity Employment and supports excellence through diversity.   We encourage qualified applicants from historically underrepresented groups along with Veterans and AmeriCorps, Peace Corps and other national service alumni to participate in our recruitment efforts.