Xapoo: Preparatory School Ecology Club

Raising community awareness about environmental issues


"Connecting with regional and national ecology clubs . . ."

Some of the same students who participated in the national reunion of ecology clubs decided to carry the movement forward to the preparatory school, forming the ecology club Xapoo in cooperation with the EEP and the officials and teachers at the school. The members of the club started the year with a participatory planning process resulting in a weekly activities plan based on their assessment and concerns about the environment. The group meets 2-3 times per week; all of their activities, experiences and agreements are registered and evaluated in a group log.

During the first semester of this academic year, the Xapoos worked in the following areas:

  1. Networking: Connecting with regional and national ecology clubs to share stories and develop specific ideas and skills for their work.
  2. Environmental journalism: Writing short articles for a regional newspaper and internet site as part of a citizens journalist network.  
  3. Human ecology: Facilitating activities with the primary school ecology club La Pandilla Ecológica as a means to provide leadership for the movement.
  4. Recycling: Collecting recyclable plastics.  
  5. Artistic expression: Creating songs, murals and posters raise community awareness about environmental issues.
  6. Community partnerships: Collaborating with local authorities and groups to volunteer at local community events such as parades, festivals, informational meetings and service projects. For example, through their work with the Office of Tourism, the students have gained a platform for educating tourists and community members about environmental issues.
  7. Clean-up campaigns: Organizing and promoting community clean-up campaigns involving local authorities, organizations, and members of the community.
  8. Training workshops: Organizing and participating in workshops facilitated by and with community leaders and organizations to develop specific skills for advancing their goals.   
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