Coastal Regions of Kino Bay


The coastal environments around Kino Bay include sandy beaches, rocky headlands, and mangrove estuaries, all of which support diverse avifauna, plants and invertebrates. The rocky intertidal zone is home to many unique marine species that are specially adapted to live in the constantly changing environment between the tides. Estuaries (also called esteros) in Sonora support some of the northernmost mangrove communities on the pacific coast of North America. These critical habitats provide a wealth of nutrients to the marine environment. For example, Estero Santa Cruz supports over 70 species of waterbirds and serves as a breeding ground and nursery for many commercial fish and invertebrate species.

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Lorayne Meltzer

Director, Research and Conservation Program Coordinator

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Prescott College
220 Grove Ave, Prescott, AZ 86301

Kino Bay Center:

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